Saturday, May 21, 2011

live and in person

If you have a little cash rustling around in your pockets and you are in Toronto next weekend, why not drop by Anime North and see Mister Kitty LIVE and IN PERSON as they sell you junk at the popular Nominoichi event on Friday night? "Nominoichi" means "Garage Sale" in Japanese and it's a wild event where people such as ourselves with closets full of junk clean them out so YOU can take it off our hands at bargain prices! Dave and Shain will be selling anime VHS, comic books, video games, manga, toys, unattended children, and anything else that isn't nailed down.

The Nominoichi takes place from 7:30pm until 11 in the Toronto Congress Center. But we'll be gone in time for Dave to power up his popular ANIME HELL event over at the Doubletree!

So if you can, drop by and say hello. Look for the table with the Mister Kitty flyers all over it!

That's ANIME NORTH, May 27-29!

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