Thursday, November 24, 2011

Starray Starray Night

Fight the war against drugs with tonight's very special Stupid Comics!


  1. I know I'm a week late, but this has to be the most badly drawn Stupid Comic ever. It looks like something I might have done in high school study hall.

  2. I agree with Lucy - Starray looks like something scribbled by a bored 8th grader in study hall or detention. Hell, it's even worse than most of those '80s indies you featured.
    What it reminds me of is ads printed in CBG around 1987 by a teenager named M.C. Winfield who was trying to start his own company, Riverside Comics. The art in the ads was so pathetic, Winfield's venture never got off the ground.

  3. Ohhhhh Man how interesting...I have this book and its an original copy I bought back in 1999 and folks have been trying to buy it from me because I got it from an event where th a book creator was doing an outreach concert.I think the book is awesome and it has its own classic look to it.Its superficial to only judge a book by its early 1st art renditions and dont see the story perspective that its leading into.Ive seen waaaaay worst comics than this,eventho its not in that category.You mean to tell me the creators of Hell boy and other wack indie comics is better than this STARRFIGHTER one?Wow that's very make a long story short,Ive got the pleasure to see the newer works of this Character/comic and it's way kickass and has evolved.In fact these folks have gotten the attention of the right people and are currently having a full Animated feature produced in Japan.Plus a score track to assist it.So,Im sure if they knwe your comments,they would laugh because they knew where they wnated to take this idea & how much more of a strategic plan they had up their sleeves in its evolution.So whose really the ones who in a position to judge.By the way if you coulkd comeUp with a better idea,character and story of your own,then do so, so we could judge what you comin with.By the way,I really hope you are NOT selling or marketing their material without thier Creators or Attorney's permission...


    By REAL Folks
    ART Productions

  4. Apologies for the late reply, d9ad etc. When I saw the string of random numbers and letters I assumed you were spam and didn't pay attention until your comment was pointed out to me!

    To answer some of your questions, of course we can only judge a book by its cover, contents, and back cover! There's nothing else for us to judge but the book itself. Believe me, if we'd had any info on the further works by the creator(s) of this comic, we might have mentioned it, but no such info was available to us, especially since there are no names whatsoever either in the comic itself, or in your comment. If you know of anywhere we can view their later works, hit us up with a link bro! We'd love to see it, especially any info on this "animated feature produced in Japan". That sounds absolutely fabulous. I'm serious here; I would genuinely love to see that.

    Now, if only there was some way you could find out if we have come up with our own ideas, characters, and stories with which you could judge us lest we be judged... oh, if only there were a link on every Stupid Comics page leading you to a "MAIN PAGE" which provides you with links to all of Dave and Shain's "ORIGINAL COMICS"! Wouldn't it be great if such a thing existed? Oh wait, it does! Just go to the Mister Kitty main page and judge us to your heart's content! I'm sure you'll find plenty of things to object to, from slapdash art to made-up-as-they-went-along storylines. A good starting point might be the homosexual romance with vague S&M undertones, though.

    Anyway, sincere thanks for writing, and most importantly, PEACE OUT!

    Mister Kitty