Thursday, January 26, 2012

Learn about liberty tonight at Stupid Comics!


  1. Until I got to the end, I thought this comics was from the John Birch Society. Maybe some enterprising Tea Partier will come across this comic, swipe it, and distribute it at a rally.

  2. I know I've said before that you write the most entertaining and insightful comments on these kinds of long-lost treasures ... but this time you've outdone yourself. I laughed and laughed, even while grinding my teeth at the insipid comic book under the microscope. Invoking the massively-rewritten Abraham was the jaw-droppingest part for me. Wow.

    But help me understand: we're supposed to want a small government that stays out of our business, right? But we should also want an incredibly huge and massively complicated military, allegedly controlled by civilians because the President is a "civilian", right? Just checking.