Friday, February 3, 2012

Lovely Ladies of posing stiffly

If you've ever wanted to see a bunch of models pretending to be secretaries wear spandex body suits and pretend to beat up cartoon characters, then baby, today's (slightly delayed) Stupid Comics is for YOU!!!

For the rest of you, my condolences.


  1. Phew! And you say people willingly dropped $5.50 for this steaming pile? I'd rather get a Silver Age Charlton romance comic, and save $5.38 in the process.

    But I do kind of like Tandy, Mandy and Randy. What, Handy, Dandy and Candy were busy? As if.

  2. Maybe I'm thinking too much about this, but what's the deal with the French speaking woman who seems to be from another planet? And the one with the Bronx(?)Italian accent? Does that get explained in the first issue or is it one of those details that the reader just has to accept on faith?