Thursday, April 12, 2012

The return of Tusky Husky

Learn about foreign cultures at tonight's Stupid Comics!


  1. I tried to figure out what was so stupid about this comic, until I realized that these Krypto the Wonder Dog stories are very self-conscious about the fact that animals don't talk or reason in the real world. Hence, you get all of this inane expository dialogue about fish vs. bone-shaped currency. In comparison, a well-done funny animal cartoon never questions why anthropomorphic animals exist or why they are hanging around with human characters (i.e., Looney Toons). Also, since Superman was never intended to be a funny animal comic, a story like this seems out of place. But I guess 680,000 readers can't be wrong.

  2. A dog that can grow a big tooth must be the lamest "super power" ever. I think they just couldn't come up with anything else that rhymed with "husky"...
    Next issue: Alliteration Alsation, Rhyming Rottweiler, Publisher Pooch and Looming Deadline Dawg.

  3. I recall the one-off "World's Worst Comics Awards" comic in the '90s spotlighted the SCPA, and added this comment: "Obviously, DC never considered urinalysis for its freelancers."