Thursday, June 28, 2012

Feelling Beat?

Get on the beat with crappy Charlton romance at tonight's Stupid Comics!


  1. "And Ritchie's fame lasted about fifteen minutes, which is more or less about how long the whole folk-singing hootenanny craze lasted."

    I'm going to be really nerdy and say that the folk music craze was never meant for kids in the first place. The initial point of the folk movement, embodied by groups like the Weavers, was to revive forgotten songs and music forms, not necessarily be commercially successful. Later on, younger, artsy types started entering the scene (Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, the Mamas and the Papas, even Janis Joplin in her early years) and making their own original music, but the point wasn't to get a record deal like Ritchie in the story, because that would have meant being a sell-out. They were outside the mainstream for the most part and proud of it, even if many of them did eventually get picked up by major labels.

    That being said, everyone in this comic is an idiot and Ritchie's "songs" were terrible. Even the songs Josie's first boyfriend Albert sang during his folkie period were better than this. And why do Charlton comics always have such bad lettering? It's like they have to have stilted letters to match the lifeless artwork.

  2. A lot of Charlton comics were lettered by "a. machine", meaning mechanical lettering. They were the only "major" (and I use the term loosely) company to do that, in America anyways.

    Totally agree with the non-fad nature of the folk music scene, it's still around. But it's that ten or fifteen minutes when it was thought that it could be sold as a pop culture thing that the comic book's concerned with.

    Albert's folk thing was at least meant to be comical. I miss that guy.