Friday, October 12, 2012

You say Holo I say Goodbye

The newest Stupid Comics actually went up last night, but I'm telling you about it now! anyway, it's up!


  1. Dear Mister Kitty, looking closely at Holo-Man's last panel (ie. the one where the Holo Squad is assembled) I noticed that the ham-radio guy appears to be sitting directly under a metal pyramid. This appears to be an interesting concept, because I don't think one might easily be convinced to work with a large metal object hanging over his bald head, yet this guy doesn't seem too concerned about it: do we have any hints about the function of that pyramid? I know it sounds like we're splitting hairs, but it's 2 AM and I had no intelligent questions to ask.
    Jokes aside, PLEASE keep the Stupid Comics coming: I'm developing an addiction to your site and I'm constantly checking for new entries. Cheers from Italy!

    1. I believe - and I'm just guessing, so don't quote me on this - but I believe that the pyramid is some kind of ancient astronaut "pyramid power" thing. Maybe Ham Radio guy is trying to grow some hair.