Thursday, February 14, 2013

A harsh Valentine's Day lesson awaits you at this week's Stupid Comics!!


  1. After reading this week's entry and last week's, it's becoming obvious why the generation that read these comics turned to feminism. The only advantage this week's story had over the previous one is that the art is better. Otherwise, trainwreck all around.

  2. Also, what's the deal with these stories being allegedly narrated to Stan Lee? That just gives the whole thing a creepy, voyeuristic feel.

    1. I think the "narrated to" thing is supposed to emulate the "True Confessions" type magazines of the time, which were cheesy text-only romance stories that were purportedly "true", as written by the narrator. I suppose ol Smilin' Stan thought it would lend some verisimilitude to a story about teenage girls if people could believe it wasn't written by a middle aged man. And God Forbid he didn't give himself a writing credit.