Thursday, July 11, 2013

There's an extra-long, extra-dull Stupid Comics up for you right now!!


  1. Good Lord, what a run-on sentence of a story. Private Secretary was published quarterly and lasted (hold on to your corn cob pipe) a whopping two issues. This was the second (Mar-May '63) and, much to everyone's relief, the last.

    According to GCD, interior pencils by Hy Eisman and inks by Vince Colletta, so you nailed that one. Truly an embarrassment for everyone involved.

    BTW, what was the "desperate choice?" I kind of zoned out.

  2. Wow - a "Private Secretary" comic and Ann Sothern is nowhere to be found.
    How Dell had fallen since the Gold Key split. This, and the Dracula- Frankenstein - Werewolf trilogy of crap.
    All that's left of the Dell name now is puzzle magazines.

  3. I think the desperate choice was whether to keep her man by suggesting her employer consider him for a part, or to say "no", lose her man, and watch as her employer considers him for a part anyway.