Thursday, August 1, 2013

In tonight's Stupid Comics, Archie, Juggie and Reggie get drafted and sent to Vietnam. Yeah you heard me.


  1. I've wanted to see the "Archie gets drafted" story for awhile, so I was excited to see this entry. The problem, as you mentioned, is that the authors want to depict a controversial issue, but not say anything controversial about it, so it comes off as rather mealy-mouthed. Archie's attempt to tackle race in the late 60s/early 70s are much better. There's a story where Chuck threatens to leave Riverdale, because he feels alienated as a black kid in a white town, and Dilton talks him out of it (Samm Schwartz pencils it, giving it an avante guard look). Is it possible to review some of the Bob Montana Archies? There's a special kind of stupidness in the 1940s Archie comics, because the humor is really mean-spirited and Archie himself is a total jerk, rather than a good-natured klutz.

  2. Archie gets drafted? Groovy, man! Oh wait, I mean: Bummer, man!
    But that ending is a cop out.

    I remember when and where I registered for the draft - April 1973, Lakeland, Florida post office. You know, get a book of stamps, sign up to be shot at.

    If I remember right, they did away with the college deferment when they instituted the draft lottery. I was in college and that didn't mean doodley squat, it was all a matter of what your lottery number was. 1 - 90 and you were guaranteed to be drafted. My number was 300 something, so no worries. The draft was abolished the next year, so I never had to go through that anxiety again. I still get a goosey feeling when I think about it.

    Sorry for all that, we baby boomers tend to ramble on.

    And Lucy, I've seen a little bit of '40s Archie, and he looks creepy, if not downright psychotic.