Thursday, October 24, 2013

Enjoy a bemulletted superhero or something at tonight's Stupid Comics!


  1. And they're all coming too! Is this some sort of unanticipated side-effect?

  2. Yeah, "thanks for coming"! Perhaps that was THEODORE RAYMOND RIDDLE's phone number.
    THEODORE RAYMOND RIDDLE putting his name above the title in that fashion without, say, actually being famous or even good, makes him look like an egotistical hack.
    And talk about the confusing art.. in that "ATTACK!" panel, look at the jet-pack guy in the lower left. At first glance I thought that was his face... the tops of the jet pack cylinders look like eyes, the fin on his helmet could be a nose, the eye-visor a mouth.
    This could be mistaken for one of those '80s indies, except for the internet references.