Thursday, November 7, 2013

At tonight's Stupid Comics, you'll learn to always bet on black!


  1. I've been hoping that you'd do this one. Super hero comics in general are not good mediums to explore social issues, especially not goofy Silver Age comics. Archie, of all thing, actually addressed racial issues in a much better fashion, although they could only talk about generalized prejudice and not institutionalized racism. But at least there were no visits to "Little Africa."

  2. I think there were two "I am Curious" films, (Yellow) and (Blue). If I recall. Yellow came first, and Blue had a different cast/crew and was trading on Yellow's rep.
    Didn't Bob Kanigher also use the blood transfusion trope in the Sgt. Rock story "What's the Color of Your Blood"?

  3. This will always be one of my favourite comics. I love the fact that as soon as she's black Lois has to change. Literally, immediately. No white clothes for this sister. Nope, gotta dress 'black'.