Friday, September 26, 2014

New Element of Surprise Volume starts now!!

A little later than I intended, but volume 3 of the webcomic The Element of Surprise starts TODAY with a 3-page prologue! This will update every Friday. Also, we're continuing to put some stuff up on the Mister Kitty Etsy store!


  1. Are you still looking into publishing the volumes?

    1. Yeah, I've gotten behind on stuff over the summer but I just need to get a couple printer quotes...

    2. btw since I've got you here... what sort of backing rewards would you hypothetically like to see if I were to put up a Kickstarter? I'm going to ask this in a few social media places but I'd like to hear from you.

    3. well stickers are always nice also prints. mm maybe key-chains of the characters? Some of this is just basic I think ^-^. Umm sometime they have 18+ bonus material which is always fun lol. I would suggest looking at some old kickstarters for other books for some ideas I know a few that I supported I can give you links to them if you want?