Thursday, November 6, 2014

Learn all the nuances of feminism from social justice expert Al Hartley at tonight's Stupid Comics!

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  1. The Al Hartley Archie comics are frustrating, precisely because Archie CAN be rather progressive in the right hands. There is a story called "Eight Feet Tall" by Samm Schwartz where Dilton talks Chuck, who feel alienated for being black in mostly white Riverdale, out of leaving town. There's another story whose name I don't remember that's also about racism, where Veronica implies that she doesn't want all of Archie's friends coming to her party, which he implies to mean that she doesn't want Chuck to come. As it turns out, Veronica is prejudiced against slobs (i.e., Jughead) not blacks, so it's all good in the end. Come to think of it, was Chuck ever in an Al Hartley issue? One suspects that Kevin Keller would have made Hartley's head explode.

    I wish you'd bookended this week's Stupid Comics with that story where Archie and Reggie mock Betty and her "women's lib" for wanting to play baseball, and then she beats them up with her karate moves. Of course, that isn't stupid, that's awesome.