Thursday, June 18, 2015

Let's have a TV Party with this week's Stupid Comics!! And don't forget there's the Element of Surprise Kickstarter Campaign! You know, if you love Mister Kitty.


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  2. Stupid Comics boomer nerd note:

    Filmation's "Journey to the Center of the Earth" was in fact based on the 1950s Fox feature starring James Mason and Pat Boone, using the non-Verne heroes and villain created for the film. Yes, there was a goose in the movie. The niece, however, stayed above ground (a more mature heroine accompanied Mason and Boone) and the evil count's sidekick was a bland servant who died early on. The movie was a pretty good old-school fantasy effort, clearly inspired by Disney's "20,000 Leagues."

    At the same time Filmation also produced "Fantastic Voyage", based on a more recent Fox epic (were the rights a package deal?). That one only kept the acronym CMDF ("Combined Miniature Defense Corps") and a machine that shrunk people. A team of characters not from the movie would take their flying sub everywhere but the human body, dealing with crooks, aliens and spies and not-quite microscopic scale.

    No better or worse than other Filmation efforts of the time, but novelties in a season overrun with superheroes.

  3. Yeah, I don't remember a "Guru" in the movie version of "Fantastic Voyage." He was yet another "magic Hindu" like Hadji in "Jonny Quest." And Filmation always reused the scene of Guru waving his hand in front of his face.

    The guy in the ad for "The Second Hundred Years" looked nothing like Monte Markham; perhaps it was drawn before the show was cast. (MST3K had a shout-out to the show: at the end of "Master Ninja II," TV's Frank pleaded for a revival of "The Second Hundred Years.")
    "Custer" was an odd attempt to turn the ill-fated general into a sort of 19th-century hippie (he had long hair! he railed against the establishment!).

  4. The Batman panel looks like it was drawn by Jack Kirby, especially the face of the perp that Batman's dispensing rough justice to. If so, this could very well be the only ttime The King ever had a drawing of Batman published. I'm not aware of any others, even during his DC stints.