Friday, July 17, 2015

Well, the newest page of The Element of Surprise is now up, but unforch the Kickstarter campaign is NOT. The 30 days is up and we didn't meet our goal-- however, do not despair, because despite this, we will still be making Element of Surprise e-books, and for those of you who really do want an actual book to hold in your hands, I will likely put the first two volumes on a print on demand basis-- not ideal but it'll be there for anyone who wants it. I would like to genuinely thank all the kind people who pledged and signal-boosted this campaign. You're all wonderful and I'm sorry I couldn't make it happen! Thank you again for all your support!!


  1. That suck it didn't make it but I'm happy that a printed book will still possibly happen even on a on demand basis.

    1. Thanks, I am going to try to keep the price point low so hopefully it'll be more enticing than the admittedly-pricey Kickstarter tiers.