Thursday, March 10, 2016

While reading this week's Stupid Comics, bear in mind the author of the featured comic probably speaks MUCH BETTER French than you! uhhh unless you're actually from France.


  1. The dialogue lettering looks identical to the lettering in the "Guardians of Justice & the O-Force" comic. (Not the same letterer, though...)

  2. Wow, that "Canadian Ninja" comic is horrifically bad. Enjoyed all your snark, Mr. Kitty, especially pointing out that Bo (the hero) would have a really hard time getting through Customs and Immigration to land in Canada without valid ID.

    What's also ridiculous is that the writer can't decide whether this story is set in pre-modern times or in the modern world. Why the heck is "Japenese" family even sailing around in an antiquated Chinese Junk? Why are they living in a quaint, 13th century shrine instead of, say, an apartment building? Were they unaware of things like telephones to call the police when they found a plane crash survivor? Bo looked old enough to know his name and know he came from Canada, so why wouldn't he cry and insist on going back home? Why would the "Japenese" family keep him for 23 years, instead of trying to reunite young Bo with his actual family, like grandparents? Did they speak English or did Bo have to learn Japanese all that time? How did Bo get to an airport, and how did he know what an airport was, considering that his "adopted family" didn't even know what a telephone was? Was Japan in 1964 a modern country at all? Or was it stuck in a time warp?

    Damn, what a convoluted mess- the writer was clearly trying to come up with a way that a white guy from Canada could somehow grow up in Japan and learn ninja ways from an old master, yet somehow set this in modern times.

    This makes my head hurt.

    Great choice for a Stupid Comic!