Thursday, August 11, 2016

Make friends with a literal bag of garbage at this week's Stupid Comics!


  1. So I'm very happy to have visited today, because I got to see a ridiculous comic from my home state! It's no surprise, really. We get a lot of weirdos in Pennsylvania, especially in western Pennsylvania. If those Trashclan idiots were actually out walking around in PA, we probably wouldn't even notice.
    Some comments from a native:
    - You're right about Lake Erie. I mean, they JUST noticed all that trash?
    - There's trash all over Hershey Park? That's just an ordinary day during tourist season.
    - Williamsport? Why Williamsport?
    - "Well, we've got kids, adults, n' [sic] PennDOT in 3 cities pitching in to help ..." Dude. Please. Don't take PennDOT away from their road work. They're slow enough as it is.

    In parting I'd like to point out the hilariously-bad "map" on the front cover. Also the Susquehanna doesn't look like that, being far more brown. Thanks for posting. This was a good one!

  2. Wait, the 'heroes' hate trash but they themselves are composed of trash ergo they are what they hate. Deep. Not as deep as that cesspool that is Lake Erie though...

  3. glad to hear some actual Keystoners took our Pennsylvania-related commentary in the good-natured spirit in which it was intended. We've spent many happy times gassing up at Sheetz and enjoying the Chic-Fil-A in Erie, which is the closest one to us. And that crazy vintage store in Harrisburg which has since gone out of business, there's that.