Thursday, October 20, 2016

Let Archie and the gang teach you all sorts of valuable life skills!


  1. I kind of want this comic now, because as stupid as it is, it does have some useful information that I could see myself using; the section on pliers would be worth it alone. Also, is it possible to do an entry on the Bob Montana iteration of Archie? Something that really stands out to me when I read Archies from the 1940s is 1. the humor is really mean-spirited 2. Archie is a gigantic jerk who uses and abuses his friends. Despite this, I can't stop reading; I love stupid comics too much!

  2. Great stupid comics this week. I too found the pliers listings pretty useful too. Funny how the comics really show their age with this sort of thing. I've seen some weird 70's rainy day type books in the uk which urge the reader to do experiments on worms with batteries, and taxidermy roadkill amongst the usual pasta artwork tips and toilet roll models