Friday, October 21, 2016

The Element of Surprise is heading to its shocking climax!

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  1. The Archie Mechanics comic today is beyond great. Besides the fact that everyone appears to be a ventriloquist dummy, it includes a project that recommends using muriatic acid.

    Muriatic acid is typically used for things like removing hard-water buildup in toilets. The booklet helpfully reminds us that "acid can burn if it comes in contact with your skin." It doesn't say "it will burn." It doesn't say "WARNING." It just says it CAN burn. It might just cause damage. Maybe.

    "... something in the ink (probably kerosene) keeps the glass from being streaked by the rain." This comic was printed circa 1954. In that era, all newspapers were printed via offset printing.

    Offset printing inks do not include kerosene.

    It's possible kerosene was used as a blanket wash, but even if trace amounts ended up on the newspaper, kerosene is pretty volatile stuff and would have evaporated quickly.