Thursday, January 12, 2017

2017 is here and Stupid Comics is doing the Monster Mash(er)!


  1. AT LAST! A fine example of forgotten comics lore from ME Comics! You now need to track down the two (!) issues of their flagship title, THE T-BIRD CHRONICLES - with quite possibly the VERY BEST Kirby swipes EVER published!!

  2. Yah, those Ws that look more like \V do get distracting.
    I don't recall Peter Risk among the detritus of the '80s Comics Glut, but as far as Kirby Swipes go, there was something called "The Extraordinary Five," the creation of one Carl Taylor, whose day job was at the Los Angeles power company. "Carl Comics" were presented in "Super-Tone!"

  3. Oh, and could you fix the main Stupid Comics page? All the links are gone except "Golden Age" and "I (bomb) the 80's" categories.

    1. Yeah, there was something hinky with the Google Adsense we had running... I have to go back thru the whole site and put in new code it looks like. Should be fixed now, let me know if you are still experiencing any issues!