Thursday, March 30, 2017

WHOOO, WHOOO thought they could make a quick buck off the 1966 Batman craze? Gold Key, that's HOOOO


  1. So, the Owl (not to be confused with Owlman of the Earth-3 Crime Syndicate) begins as a Shadow ripoff, becomes a Batman ripoff, then a more blatant Batman ripoff....
    And even though Nick Terry is a private eye, he has a NYC penthouse complete with private elevator and stereotypical Asian servant... ooookay. And a neat trick to have the "phosphorescent eyes" of his bag-mask show up on the shadow he casts.

    BTW, half the links on the Stupid Comics index are AWOL again.

  2. Next week we find out that Rorschach is not as original a character as we thought either.