Thursday, April 6, 2017

Of Unipegs and Kings

Find out what a "unipeg" is at this week's Stupid Comics! Also, a heads-up, we won't be crossposting updates to the Mister Kitty Livejournal anymore, due to some rather bizarre changes to their user agreement, if you get my drift Tovarisch.


  1. HOLY CRAP-- I had this comic when I was about 12. Thanks for this awesome surprise, guys! <3

  2. "A World called... VERNE!"
    (Enter Ernest P. Worrell) "Hey, Verne!"
    And we have... ARGON! Jeez, is Grignr gonna show up?

    Unipeg (One peg for all your needs, now at the Sharper Image!): "You not only one dragon is after!"
    Argon: "It's 'Your not the only one'!"
    Me (facepalm): "You're"...

  3. The unicorn can teleport himself, but the results don't include taking any passengers along? No, too arbitrary. Sounds like a rule Piers Anthony would come up with.

    Still, at least we got that hint of the kid's noble heritage.