Thursday, October 26, 2017

All Systems are Stop

The world needs more Superheroes!


  1. "I can't believe the size of this place - it's like they launched a high school gym."
    -- Mary Jo Pehl, Cinematic Titanic "The Doomsday Machine"

    Yup: huge spaces, lines of rivets, exposed beams, doors between hold and cabin, mellow passengers ... the artist has never seen the inside of an airliner.

    Even so, those ten egos in one place still manage to make it feel cramped. You can't see anything for slick black-clad limbs and torsos.

    Nick Farmer. Codename: Spittake

  2. I don't recall this comic from Arrow, the indie comics company launched by the "Ypsilanti Gang" that published Fantastic Fanzine in the early '80s - Ralph Griffith, Stu Kerr, Guy Davis (who drew "The Realm" for Arrow, and later worked on "Sandman"), Vince Locke (Arrow's "Deadworld" - a zombie saga that predated "The Walking Dead" - Locke later drew the graphic novel "A History of Violence") Mark Bloodworth, Randy Zimmerman and many other young talents.
    A schism developed and Caliber Press split off from Arrow.

  3. Nick, I think Cinematic Titanic is the only thing in the universe that made "Doomsday Machine" watchable. Even Casey Kasem couldn't make it watchable without the riffing.