Thursday, January 25, 2018

Good old-fashioned space opera (emphasis on "old-fashioned") is at this week's Stupid Comics!


  1. I was fascinated by this. I would have dated it fifty years earlier than 1983. It's extraordinary that the feeble Queen Hesta appeared six years after Princess Leia. Also, did you notice the space kitty in the frame above the caption "The only way to destroy Amarath the Regulian..."?

  2. Jay Disbrow's Alex Raymond-meets-Fred Guardineer style was certainly, to put it bluntly, quaint. Lance Carrigan owed more to Flash Gordon than Luke Skywalker. Jayson also published a more blatant Flash Gordon swipe: "Flames of Gyro."

  3. This was certainly an interesting one. I liked the letterer's error in the panel where they meet Lizak Amarath. He says "But since you are here, I I must confess ..." Ha! Well, maybe he's got a stutter.

    I also like the fact that the queen's waist kept shrinking while her bust kept expanding. Looks like it got so huge by the end they weren't able to show it. I sure wish *I* had a body like that!