Thursday, July 5, 2018

Enjoy a Refreshing Spite

Nothing better than a terrible anthropomorphic comic fueled by some weird grudge against a long-defunct indy publisher!


  1. Yeah... I'm gonna stick to Blacksad.

  2. I do recall cat yronwode's CBG column, where she not only spelled her name in lowercase (hey, if it's good enough for e.e. cummings and k.d. lang...) she also didn't capitalize the first person pronoun "I." CBG also had a comic strip called "Rosie" whose protagonist was constantly pissed off at one "Felix Steelboard" (yronwode was pronounced "Ironwood").
    "Kamikaze Cat" looks like a poor publisher's version of "Destroyer Duck" (Steve Gerber's comic to help fund his suit against Marvel over Howard the Duck).