Friday, November 9, 2018

six hundred stupid comics installments?!

It really is profoundly nuts that we've done six hundred installments of Stupid Comics. When we started the feature at Mister Kitty, we really didn't have a firm idea of exactly what we wanted to do or how we wanted to do it. The early installments are kind of all over the place. It took a few weeks before we figured out how much material was good for a week's update, the best way to present images and text, and most importantly, we adapted into a routine that we could continue to execute week after week, a sustainable model that might not be the flashiest or the most up to date website, but it's one we can maintain over the long haul.

it took us fifty installments before we got to the one comic that started it all for us, the one comic so weirdly goofy that we'd show it to everyone who visited us, a comic that our pal Grant pretty much shoved in my face and said "you must buy this" back in the 90s. It's the comic that made us realize the entertainment value of bad comics, above and beyond the typical "Superman is a dick" material that the web was lousy with when we first started.

Thanks to everyone who has come with us on this journey!!

-Dave and Shain


  1. Congratulations on 600 installments you guys! And may there be many more. I've been following you since around the 300th...or was it the 400th? I make comics myself and your criticisms are a good rules of thumb on What Not To Do. So thanks. You're witty as well as informative.

  2. Thank you! Glad you find us informative as well as entertaining!!

  3. I've been following along with this site ever since Super Dickery started to suck, and that was like, I dunno, 50 years ago???? I always look forward to these Stupid Comics, as Pete said, you have an excellent wit and a depth of knowledge that is really informative. I have never actually read a comic book, but I feel a great appreciation for them via your influence. It's always a pleasure to read new Stupid Comics, and always a treasure to go through the archives every now and then. I still get a real kick out of ROCK HEADS, how did that even become a thing? And I forget the name of it, but the post-apocalyptic author fantasy thing where he had Led Zeppelin reunite to play his bomb shelter or something, that was great. You show a great depth and appreciation of these comics, and I respect that level of attention. An appreciation of the work and effort, while realizing it's all a bit silly, but great entertainment. It's fantastic and you're fantastic. Another favourite of mine was when you pointed out how the silly comics of whatever, Superman spends a whole comic not letting anyone hear his song by Pat Boone, or Batman turns into a Batgorillababy or something, sold like a million billion copies somehow. I mean, I even actually bought a Thor album because of your recap of his comic!